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Happy Thanksgiving America! A time for celebration, family reunion and rest. Why not unplug for a day, reduce your mobile, and computer use and actually enjoy this day with people, in person? The people at Offlining actually think that is a great idea, and experts say it may help you prevent the Computer Stress Syndrome.  Enjoy […]

Firesheep – One More Reason to Be Very Careful with Open Wi-Fi Like most people, I love free WiFi, at Starbucks, the Airport, wherever. However I’ve always been careful about what I do on an open connection. Suddenly now, being careful has become a must. Firesheep is a Firefox exension that makes it incredibly easy […]

Beyond the 3 Project Management Constraints – The Agile Kanban Contribution  Traditionally Project Management has identified three constraints that must be managed to achieve success on any project, namely: Time: or the schedule, to meet deadlines and deliver Money: our available budget, and financial resources Scope: extent of work that has to be performed. Collectively they are […]

Get the Best Tools – Why most pros should consider the new Macbook Air? If there is a principle in project management, and Getting Things Done that I have learned is that we should use the best tools possible for the job. For over 7 years the best tool for me in the area of computers […]

Real artists ship. Andy Hertzfeld, member of the original Mac team.  No amount of vision, no dreams, no project plans, patents or detailed battle plans are worth anything without real working execution! Hard work, and shipping are the big difference between amateurs and pros.  Pros ship!