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Reflecting on talent and projects – Inspired by Andy Hertzfeld I would like to share three brilliant quotes by Andy, he is one of the best developers in the world, and was part of the original Mac team: 1. “First and foremost, you are your own customer: You build stuff that you love yourself. What […]

The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time. Tom Cargill. Bell Labs. It sounds a bit funny, yet so many times it’s true. The question is why? The reason […]

Over 16 Years Ago an Ad Agency Imagined the Future for AT&T and It Came True Albert Eistein said: “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” Few times has this quote been so true as shown by the amazing accuracy of these series of ads, entitled: You Will. Paid for by AT&T they feature the unmistakable […]

More is Less: >=< One key concept to grasp in any form of goal setting, project management, or actual effort in life is that we should strive to never do more than needed, but have a goal of simple elegance. We must realize that More is Less.  Perhaps one of the best ways to illustrate […]

jhurtado-deactivated20130607: Less noise, less “information”, leads to less stress and that equals more peace. Image Credits: here. Which is actually one of the main principles of Kanban: Limit Work in Progress. A blog post about this topic will come since it’s also an essential part of HKanban. However in the meantime this post by Matthias […]

Mobile Apps are definite Trend in the world today. Apple annouced this morning, Jan. 22nd. 2011 that they have reached 10 billion app downloads!  Think about it, the App Store opened in July 2008, and in 2 and a half years they reached that milestone. It took the iTunes Music Store almost 7 years to […]