Hello and welcome! I am Joseph Hurtado, author of the Kanban-Ace Framework, and Open Kanban. Professionally I am an Agile Coach certified as a SAFe SPC 4, a Kanban-Ace Trainer and a Scrum CSM. I am also the founder of AgileLion Institute. Thanks for visiting my personal website.

I am passionate about the human and technical sides of software and product development, having led teams to deliver technology solutions across a variety of industries. My personal approach is to make work an enjoyable effort, and to deliver fantastic software while keeping the team’s morale high, and their health intact.

Here I stop to meditate on Lean, Agile and Kanban topics, but also I also to share my passion for other areas inside and outside of technology such as Innovation, Lean Startup, Marketing, Design, Photography, Literature, Philosophy, Poetry, Business and Ethics. If you would like to focus on Kanban-Ace and Open Kanban, visit my professional blog at the Kanban Latte site.

I am currently working on the upcoming Kanban-Ace Framework which will be released as a book in 2017, the updated Kanban-Ace will introduce many innovations such as full support for Scrum via the Akashi Bridge, Ace Story Points for estimation, Light-Weight Scaling, and SAFe compatibility. If you would like to keep in touch and be the first to know when the book is out email me at: joseph at agilelion dot com; or reach out to me via LinkedIn, or Twitter.