Sometimes people ask me, Joseph what’s the simplest Kanban board I could use, one that may even work with a small team?

On those occasions, I am tempted to recommend Trello, but the fact that it does not even have support for Work-in-Progress limits, or mentions Kanban support anywhere dissuades me. Trello seems to have turned into a super-big todo list that uses columns, leaving their users completely ignorant about Kanban.

Today it just happened that I needed one such minimal board, and I thought why not Excel? So I decided to go one better: Google Sheets!

If you need the board to be private, and off-the cloud, easy just download it, and use it with your favorite desktop spreadsheet, I actually like Apple Numbers, but of course there is MS Excel too. And guess what they all have Cloud versions these days, so you have freedom, I hear Apple has better privacy than Google so choose wisely.

Not matter how you choose to use it, here is my Free Minimal Kanban Board, ENJOY!

P.S. If you want to know what’s this Kanban thing, go here or here for a quick high level intro.

About the Author Joseph Hurtado

Enterprise Agile Coach, Software Engineering Manager & Developer who is a fan of Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Data Science & Blockchain as tools to make a difference, and deliver solutions. On the personal side I am a seeker of truth, who loves freedom, people & life.

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