What Nations Must Learn from the Corona Virus

As many of you I am a bit shocked by the severity of the corona virus pandemic. I’ve been reading a lot on biotech, bioweapons and bioengineering. Enough to realize it’s certain this will happen again in our lifetime.

I decided to write a few lessons to learn from this plague:

  1. Every nation must build a #pandemic fighting force, one that reports to the president or PM, is well funded & has access to people, supplies & specialists to win. This will happen again.
  2. Borders work. They do help to reduce the speed of any #pandemic. Use them.
  3. Integrated global supply chains can be great, but they are a dangerous thing when a pandemic strikes. Nations should have critical medicines, and machines inside their borders.
  4. Bioweapon research & development should be treated the same way as Nuclear Proliferation. The Biological Weapons Convention is not enough to prevent an evil force from attacking humanity
  5. People in every nation should maintain a reasonable supply of essentials. We should never need to hoard, or fight for supplies when the next pandemic strikes.
  6. Finally when this pandemic is over, people will forget.

    NATIONS SHOULD NEVER FORGET. Because it’s certain it will happen again. We have too much dangerous research on bio-engineering, bio-science, and too many bio labs working with dangerous bacterias and viruses to pretend it will never happen, it will.

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