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No More Fake Deadlines

Fake Deadlines are the biggest life sucking hole
in the history of business.

Fake Deadlines do not follow reason, they are
illogical and capricious.

Fake Deadlines waste the most valuable asset of
a company: their people.

Fake Deadlines are evil because they do not
lead by inspiration, they lead by fear.

Fake Deadlines cause stress, lack of sleep, heart
attacks, strokes, and health problems to millions.

Fake Deadlines are one of the worsts sins
of management because they don’t benefit the business or the employer.

Fake Deadlines grow under the disguise of productivity
and efficiency, but instead they deliver 
bad quality,
higher costs, and human suffering.

Whenever you see a Fake Deadline Good Management and
Agile demands that you be courageous and tell the truth.

However, Lean advices you to be prudent and
tell the truth while you follow the Nemawashi Way.

Nemawashi tells us to carefully raise a coalition
for the truth, and wisely bring positive change.

When all Good Managers, Agile and Lean practitioners
unite against Fake Deadlines they will be defeated!

Remember that every time a Fake Deadline is
beaten, you are delivering quality, real productivity, peace
and happiness to your workplace!
Say no to Fake Deadlines!

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