Agility the Higher Way to Scale Agile

Agility is a higher concept than just Agile. One we should embrace more. When a business pursues #agility it opens wide avenues for improvement, not just through one framework or method, but an open-minded approach to get better, and never stop improving. Agility goes beyond technology, or Agile Transformations. It seeks three main goals: do things faster, do them better, and truly care for all people.

As Agile Coaches, and Agile Managers it is time to see Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, XP, DSDM, DAD, and so many others as tools for agility. Agility has the power to revolutionize work, but even more important it can make business and organizations better anywhere, not just IT.

But how, when many frameworks & methods attack each other? By refusing to engage in the agile wars, and instead focus on people & customers.

Only then agility will become reality across large and small businesses, non-profits, governments and startups. We win by flying higher. We can make it happen.

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