How to fix Agile? Agile 2.0, Kanban and the rise of Ultra Light Methods.

As a developer and project manager I always wondered why Scrum has so many rules, detailed processes but still calls itself Agile. Sure many of the ideas from Extreme Programming, another Agile method, are sound and programmer friendly, but they also represent a long list of practices to follow. This is evident by looking at the drawing above. Scrum has over 17 componets, XP between 13 to 36, can this be called Agile? Shouldn’t Agile be a truly simple way to start doing things better, and after starting being able to continoulsy improve?

I do believe there is a better way. Why not take the best ideas from Lean and Kanban and use them to build a better, lighter, simpler and more powerful Agile 2.0 method? Take a look at this article, and tell me what you think.

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