Who do you serve?

Any product or service has a natural audience, a group of people they serve. This part of this infographic shows clearly who Twitter serves. The larger diagram shows the same for the rest of Social Media.

The reason I show this graphic is to remind you of the key question for any business, or even career choice. Who do you serve? Forget about markets and niches and demographics. Picture that person or that group of people, imagine who they are.

Now, do you like that person? Do you truly want to serve him?  Do you want to make their lives more fun, better, easier, or are you just interested in their money? Money should never be the motivator. Making a difference in that person’s life should be! Money will always come after you do things right. Don’t worry, it will come, just do things the right way, and rewards will come your way. Be a servant leader. 

Remember the good advice of a scientist and a philosopher:

The true destiny of any individual is to serve rather than to rule. ~ Albert Einstein

Good leaders must first become good servants.“ ~ Robert Greenleaf

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