Top Project Management Salaries Across the globe, as reported by PMI’s 2011 survey:

  1. Switzerland: US$ 160,409
  2. Australia: US$ 139,497
  3. Germany: US$ 110,347
  4. The Netherlands: $109,775
  5. Belgium: $108,750
  6. USA: $105,000
  7. Canada: $98,517
  8. Ireland: $101,635
  9. United Kingdom: $96,384
  10. New Zealand: $91,109
The one constant we see is that all these countries have high levels of development. With several being part of the G8 group of nations.

Surprisingly France, Italy, Japan and Russia are not in the top 10. Undoubtedly they can’t be far behind.

It would be very valuable for the Agile Community to know if there are any other similar surveys from Agile organizations, within Scrum, Lean Kanban, etc. We need to know the state of Agile Project Management Salaries too. Can anyone offer any clues about such surveys?

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