Firesheep – One More Reason to Be Very Careful with Open Wi-Fi

Like most people, I love free WiFi, at Starbucks, the Airport, wherever. However I’ve always been careful about what I do on an open connection. Suddenly now, being careful has become a must.

Firesheep is a Firefox exension that makes it incredibly easy to capture session information from people on an open HTTP connection. 

Solution, from now on use HTTPS always, and be very aware of open WiFi, is not as good as you think it is. In case you haven’t heard, HTPPS establishes an encrypted connection between you, and the site you are visiting. But make sure, that connection is continous throughout your connection, and not just for the user / password combination. How do you make sure? Check on the top line in your browser, does it say HTTPS or HTTP. If it is the latter, you are in trouble, a tool like Firesheep on an open network can take your identity in a second. Be careful.

Note: More information and source code from Erick Butler,  creator of this plugin here.

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