Pragmatic Agile Management & Consulting

My Experience and Credentials

I have over 20 years in the technology industry, over 15 of those leading teams in a variety of positions all the way from Software Developer to Technical Project Manager, Agile Program Manager, Software Engineering Manager, Agile Coach, and Agile Transformation Consultant.

Along the way I’ve helped large Fortune 500 companies and much smaller organizations to deliver software and technology solutions across a variety of industries: tech, finance, media, banking, healthcare, pharma, and even a crypto blockchain startup.

These experiences from the trenches where real software is built and delivered allow me to dispense with all dogmatic approaches and focus instead on pragmatic effective ways to deliver solutions to the customer.

Regarding Agile, I have certifications from Scrum (CSM), Scaled Agile (SAFe SPC) and Kanban (Trainer.) However, all of these are just tools I use to help teams and organizations deliver quality software and solutions. You can find out more about my experience on my Linkedin profile.

How can I help you?

1. Software Engineering Management, Technical Program Management or Agile PMO

What do you want to build today? What do you want to deliver? Whether it is one project, or many I have the technical background, the Agile and Lean credentials, and the actual technological experience to lead teams and deliver.

I can help you lead or organize the building, improvement or delivery of a variety of software applications such as mobile apps, machine learning applications, e-commerce websites or even blockchain projects. I have years leading and deploying a variety of mission critical apps to the cloud or your own data center using the most effective agile toolset available. I can help you lead your software engineering organization, or the Agile PMO. I would also be glad to lead special projects for the the CIO or CTO that need organization-wide collaboration.

Unlike many other agile professionals, I have a strong and always improving background in software engineering and programming using a variety of programming languages and tools such as C, C#, Java, Python, Clojure, TypeScript, AWS Cloud and many more.

2. Pragmatic, Effective Agile Transformation

– Business Wide Agile Transformation. Taking the impact of Agile beyond IT to marketing, finance, HR and even the C-level executives. Or making Agile work in the heart of your technology area. Whether it’s Scrum, Kanban or SAFe we are experts who will deliver a custom agile transformation that works for you.
– Custom Agility Beyond Scrum or SAFe. Many times the organization does not fit the recipe that Scrum, Kanban or SAFe ask from you. No worries, we have a unique approach that brings the key benefits from agility with much less meetings, and useless complexity. We call it KAFE, and is in essence a custom Kanban approach that bring the best agile and lean practices to fit your organization.
– Agile 911. Meaning re-launching, or re-booting a failed or struggling Agile transformation. We work with management, and your teams to create a unique blend that will bring the key benefits of agile to your organization.

3. Lean Agile Training & Coaching

I have over 15 years doing agile, teaching it, making it work, adapting it, and making it fun. Our training reflects this vast experience.

For this reason I can deliver training for Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. Just let me know,  we can deliver live in-person training or remote classes for individuals or whole teams.

We can also schedule Workshops to find your best fit for An Agile Transformation, or any other topic you may need for agile / lean coaching. Just ask.

4. Technology Strategy and CTO / CIO Support

Having worked in IT for over two decades now, from developer, to software developer manager, IT project manager, product manager and Agile Coach I have worn almost all the hats; for this reason I am sure I can help your organization plan, and execute any technology initiative successfully; whether it be:

  • Agile Transformation using any Agile or Lean approach
  • Cloud or hybrid adoption (AWS, Azure, Google, Heroku)
  • Technical Best Practice Adoption. Such as Microservices, Functional Programming, CI / CD, or practical uses for Machine Learning.
  • And starting Blockchain software projects from scratch.

What else can we do? Basically almost anything at the strategy level for technology areas, to support your CTO / CIO from research, to road maps, to actually executing it and making it work.

5. Public Speaking

Finally I do enjoy public speaking, and have deep knowledge on a variety of topics from agility, to innovation, and software engineering tools. Let me know if you are looking for a speaker to deliver a presentation for your next event.